mozambique 11Leopolda da Silveira 

In the beginning I found it very heavy here. The language was difficult and finding work was difficult. After a year of problems, I went to Portugal. There I met friends to experience music. I am a singer and I compose songs. I also play guitar and saxophone. Through Amsterdam friends with whom I had started a band, I went back to Amsterdam in 1975. And now, after all those years, I can say: Amsterdam is my home. Here I have my family, my children and my band, who also feels like family. 

I have fled on my own and in the first years I have only camped here. Only after seventeen years did I return to Mozambique. I had not seen my family all this time. Then it took another seventeen years before I went back. I feel like an Amsterdammer. I was nineteen when I left, so I am now longer here than I have ever been there. 

I am glad that I met Amsterdam. The city is very diverse, social and all kinds of cultures are discussed. The understanding, the mentality, the involvement with the rest of the world and the helpfulness to other countries that is Amsterdam for me. 

I made a song about Amsterdam. I sing a bit with French words in it. So in the song are texts like "mes amis des Amsterdam" and "mon amour des Amsterdam". And then with a Brazilian tune. I thought that suited the diversity here. '